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April 173 min read

Major news for all Stacks users that Stacks App is under development and how this will transform our world.

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This is all written using Markdown inside a Source Markdown stack.

Note that this Markdown can as an option, be loaded remotely from a folder of text files, one for each post.

How do I use this blog to create a new Post?

In RW, locate the last post which is normally at the top of the ITEMS. Duplicate the post, i.e. copy and paste it. Then edit the new top post that you just duplicated:

  • Add a new title, making sure that it is a unique title
  • Change the date to reflect the newer date for this post
  • Select the image for this post and Edit the image location.
  • Edit the Summary text.
  • Edit the Main Content text.
  • If using the Categories, Tags, Time to read, etc., then edit these
  • For multiple Authors, edit the author and select their image
  • Re-Publish to go live

Things to note

The Summary text is set to be truncated at 3 lines when displayed in the initial grid list layout. This avoids long summaries 2 Font Awesome icons are used here. Don't worry, only a tiny subsetted FA file, containing only the few Poster2 icons are required, are loaded.