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  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • Webdeersign Project Screenshots
  • A 7 page Template design, with multiple layouts created with the FX stacks
  • Build great looking layouts like the social media and "Ghost blog" layouts that are popular today
  • Multiple layouts to copy and paste into your designs
  • Based on the new Bootstrap4 Blankstrap free theme with 2 level navigation
  • 2 Shop demo pages included - one with Yuzool Cart2 shoping cart
  • All images packaged as a warehouse folder
  • In file documentation
  • Includes complete PADDY stacks
  • Also includes Project14



T6Min Requirements

  • Stacks3
  • Free "donationware" stacks
  • Free Blankstrap theme

T6Optional stacks

  • Yuzool Cart2

T6What's included

  • FX1, FXheight, FXwidth & FXwidthPlus stacks
  • PADDY stacks suite
  • PDF documentation & notes inside Template
  • RW7 project file
  • Warehouse folder with all images used
  • Project14 is also included


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Stacks Image 2043297
Information about this demo site

This is a set of demo pages for the Webdeersign Template 6, which requires RapidWeaver 7 and Stacks 3. In addition, to use the Template you will need several free to download stacks and the free to download Blankstrap. The Shop2 page also uses Yuzools Cart2 shopping cart stack for the Pay buttons. If you don't have Cart2, then the Shop page is identical but with blank buttons that are ready for you to direct or add your own shop system.

Can I use the layouts created with FX in other Themes ? Yes of course. The FX layouts here, have no dependency on other stacks, themes, frameworks external files or JS.

Note that Project 14 is also included with Template 6 as a Foundry version and a Foundation version.

Stacks Image 2043306

Template6 uses the Webdeersign FX series of stacks for the majority of the layouts used - The required FX stacks are included with Template 6 in addition to the PADDY stacks. (Note that the FX stacks are not part of the PADDY stacks).

This template is more of a demo of the type of layouts possible with FX rather than a stand alone web site. The home page is crammed with all of the common types of layouts that FX1 can create. However, the Shop pages are typical page layouts.

The layouts here are designed to be "cherry picked" and copied and pasted into your designs.

Interesting note about images used

This template uses the same image for the background image in the FAX layout. The image is 160kb in size and is used 77 times. 77 X 160kb = 12,400Kb or 12.4 Mb.

therefore, this site uses a remote (warehoused) image for the same image that is only loaded once for the whole site and then then cached ready for an instant display within the browser. If a remote image was not used the Template would have to download 12.4Mb of images which would be a very noticeable delay in loading the site.

This is a very good example of why using remote images is so important.

Stacks Image 2043322

Template 1 is a single page style design that includes most of the current web design trends. It has Flat graphics, large bold scaled text, transparent BG's, fixed BGs, clean design and minimal navigation. It can easily be adapted to a multi page design using Nimblehosts myMenu.

Demo 2 is similar to Demo 1 except each Section is set to 100% height and a couple of extra scroll navigation buttons added. Time taken to modify the stock Template 1 to this version was about 10 minutes. However, it demonstrates a different web style using the same core project file.

Template 2, Demo 1 is a single page style design that includes several variations of a layout suitable for a Timeline or process illustration. Perfect for a CV, BIO, history or other layout that requires a logical path or order to be displayed. Anything can be placed on either or both sides of the "Line".

This Template has now been retired. A great deal of development has occurred since this Template was released and while it still works beautifully, the original Sections stacks have been replaced with newer versions and the original versions are no longer available. To re-write this Template to use the new versions of the stacks would be a significant amount of work. Subject to interest in this Template, I will revisit this template if the demand is great enough.

Template 3 is a super flexible and unique grid template. Build any combination of rows and columns and set exactly when they will collapse. T3 gives you complete control over the behaviour of the grid as the screen size collapses and used many different hover effects within the grid. Several grid layouts are includes in the demo. Perfect for cherry picking the grid layout you want.

T4 is a single page and enhanced version of your favourite web site. Many different current techniques are used and this can form the basis of a great looking web site.

T5 is a CMS single page site with additional pages for Galleries, Blog, etc and uses PulseCMS as the CMS Blog engine to offer Blog, image & text CMS, Galleries, Lightboxes, Slider, contact form, newsletter sign up and file depot. All of these are setup in Template 5 and are easy to copy into your own projects.