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RapidTemplates are the quickest and easiest way to build a flexible web site using RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver is a registered trademark of Realmac Software Ltd

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Why Choose a RapidTemplate?

RapidTemplates are pre-built and tested complete RapidWeaver project files together with all images. Our own PADDY stacks are included.

Comprehensive support documentation is provided and is embedded inside the project files using our own PADDYNotes stack.

Use them to base your design on, cherry pick the modular sections you want or use them to learn how to harness and understand the powerful Big White Duck and S4S stacks.

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The amazing PADDY Stacks

Each RapidTemplate comes with our complete (currently 22) PADDY stacks developed by us to do the clever stuff and make your life easier

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Ease of use

Designed to be as easy as possible to understand and use

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A new direction in Stacks site, using off the shelf stacks

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Design oriented

Created to provide design & layout solutions unavailable in Frameworks or Themes

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Optimised and super quick

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Compatible with RapidWeaver 6 & 7 and Stacks 3

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Easy to read

Useful settings are displayed live, inside the edit window

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Pixel perfect

Multiple breakpoints can be set to pixel dimensions

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Ultra responsive

% responsive padding throughout with multiple breakpoint ranges

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Nice icons

Did you notice the great looking icons? Check out below.

Designed Exclusively for Stacks3

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What you see is what you get

Learn how to:

Build a Hero page & position text
Use GDPR safe web fonts eg. Google Fonts
Store web fonts on your server
Create styled buttons
Build edge to edge content
Add animations to backgrounds
Add image overlays
Create grids of images & text
Create background shadows
Create backgrounds with gradients & overlay patterns
Add smooth scrolling navigation
Build custom bullet points like this

Why use RapidTemplates?

After 100's of hours of planning, stack development, working with other Add-on developers, the Webdeersign RapidTemplate system is ready.

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Unrestricted placement

Place content of absolutely any type, anywhere on the page.

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Ease of use

Easy setup and initial familiarisation with in Template documentation

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Quick to use

The whole RapidTemplate concept is about speed of use and simplicity

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Tested configurations

RapidTemplates are tested and tested and tested

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Modular concept

RapidTemplates are built on a modular approach allowing placement of modules anywhere and in any order

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No more themes

No more themes. Build exactly what you want, where you want it on the page, with the RapidTemplate system

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Custom code included

Learn how to use elementary styling changes using code examples

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Warehouse images

All images can be warehoused and SVG images can be used if you want

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Font heaven

All text can use any Google Font or access FontPro Font Vaults

Read what our users are saying…

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These RapidTemplates are a quick stress free route to a professional looking fast web site. I have yet to find something that is not clear in the documentation.

- Johnny Vegas

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Webdeersign RapidTemplates are ready to Rock'n'Roll. Finally I can see how to put together a great looking website quickly. No more restricting Themes for me from now on.

- Charly Brandreth

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The PADDY Stacks blew my mind. They were so easy to use and I didn't even have to read the documentation that comes with the RapidTemplates.

- Jerry Lopelowij

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Webdeersign RapidTemplates include everything you need such as a warehouse folder full of all the images and icons. Brilliant!

- Veggie Dan

All purely fictitious feedback of course, for the purpose of web page layout illustration.

RapidWeaver 7
A free blank theme
BWD "donation ware" stacks
S4S "donation ware" stacks
PADDY stacks - included

Join The RapidTemplate Revolution

RapidTemplates are modular within each project file and also compatible with each other and whether you use them with just Stacks or with Foundry or Foundation stacks or other frameworks, they remain compatible.

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Just add Stacks3 to RapidWeaver to use RapidTemplates.

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3rd party stacks

Just add some free "donation" ware stacks. Please support these generous developers.

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Do I need a Theme? In the normal sense no, but you do need an empty free Blank Theme just to make RapidWeaver work.

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Will the RapidTemplates and PADDY stacks be updated? Absolutely they will. They are in a constant state of ongoing development as new ideas and layouts are created.

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We pride ourselves on quick support question responses.

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RapidWeaver 7
Stacks 3
Free stacks
Free blank theme
Willingness to learn

Designed Exclusively for RapidWeaver

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Keep up to date & join the Webdeersign newsletter

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RapidTemplates for RapidWeaver

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Built with RapidWeaver+Stacks using the Webdeersign RapidTemplate system.


RapidWeaver 7
Stacks 3
Free stacks
Free blank theme
Willingness to learn

What's new in version 5?

GDPR compliant local web fonts
Simplified layouts
Reduced number of stacks
Further optimisation
Best & latest new free stacks used
Mail Chimp Newsletter signup
Modal windows (like this)
Master button and font control
Spit & Polish update