A selection of Full page slide layouts using Splider v1 and also Poster2 with webP image support



This Project would be ideal for:

Creating online presentations or lessons quickly, that will appeal to those want to navigate by thumb on mobile or iPads.

Perfect for creating full page vertical or horizontal web pages or presentations that are a front end to a Poster Dynamic delivery of unlimited amount of content.

The Demo pages layouts are designed to be cut and pasted into your designs.

Checkout the Demo 3 page to see the seamless adjacent images that line up paired images above & below.

The text can optionaly scale with the device width.

Update 1.01

Significant new feature, adds webP image support. Serve all images as optimised webP with jpg/png fallback for 21% of browsers that don't support webP.


This Project uses Splider v1 and is not configured to use Splider2.

Check out the Webdeersign Rapidweaver Projects
  • STH Splider (Splider2 not supported)
  • Instacks Poster2 for pages 4, 5 & 6, BWD Limelight
  • RapidWeaver 7 or 8 with Stacks 4+
  • Documentation in Stacks4 notes inside Project and all images
  • RW7 project file - compatible with RW8+

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