2 new PADDY stacks released

26 November, 2017

2 new PADDY stacks have been added to the PADDYStacks bundle bringing the total to 19 stacks in the bundle. The new stacks are now included in the current Black Week 50% sale lasting all week.

The PADDYBrick stack is a new companion to the PADDYZig stack, except it creates dividers using brick patterns. The effect has to be seen to be appreciated and it can give a distinctive look to a web site. It can be used for page edge to edge dividers between coloured sections or as underlines or as stand alone page elements. This one is super easy to setup.

The second stack is a significant page building stack that was created to build edge to edge containers with centred content. Optional padding in px or % can be enabled with one tick and the stack will grow in height if the content height exceeds the dimensions used in the setup. This feature will always show the content even if the content grows bigger than the height settings allow. The stack is as simple as possible and is both easy to understand and has a lightweight footprint on a page during edit and preview.

Both can be seen in the demo page at http://webdeersign.com/paddydemo1/

All Projects and Templates as well as the PADDYStack bundle have been updated with the new stacks. Users can download the latest version by logging into their Paddle Account and downloading the latest versions of Projects, templates or the PADDYStacks.

Project & Template updates

25 November, 2017

25 Nov - P1 updated to use ButtonPlus2 instead of ButtonPlus.

Thanksgiving Black Week Sale 50% off

23 November, 2017

50% off everything Sale from now until 1 Dec - one long Black Week Sale.

Use code = paddyweek at the Paddle checkout


Now live ay webdeersign.com

New PADDYZig stack

18 November, 2017

Introducing the new PADDYZig stack added to the PADDYstacks. PADDYZig creates simple to use dividers that can be used to draw attention to stuff such as news, promotions or highlights or can be used a page wide dividers between sections of content. It brings a new creative element to RapidWeaver designs alongside the PADDYCurve stack that creates curved dividers.

Template 3 big update

14 November, 2017

Template 3 updated

Significant updates to Template 3 which now designed to use the free inStacks Bootstrap4 based Blankstrap theme. This allows the use of the Bootstrp4 Nav Bar navigation which can be enabled or disabled on any of the pages.

Template 3 now has several new layouts, some optimisation and updates to use the latest versions of stacks and a design refresh.Existing customers can log into their Paddle account and download the latest versions.

Template3 - details

Template3 demo

PS I have removed you know who from the actors photos.



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