• 10 colour themes that users can select to alter site colours.
  • One of the themes is a High Contrast demo version theme to aid Accessibility, that can help those page visitors who are Partially sighted, Colour blind or Neurodivergent..
  • 100% SOURCE for a 100% Desktop & Mobile Google Lighthouse Insights Pagespeed
  • 100% Lighthouse Accessibility using the HIGH CONTRAST mode
  • Unique Filtered Tab Grid layout used for Menu - each tab has a unique URL
  • 50% Off purchase code for Palette Stacks from STH included
  • Extra Tutorial page showing how to use Shape Dividers

This Project would be ideal for:

Creating a Restaurant / Cafe / Take Away food type web site

Learning how to use shape page SVG dividers.

Copying and pasting whole page or individual layouts, into your own designs.


All images served as optimised webP with jpg/png fallback, for the 21% of browsers that don't support webP.

  • To use the Colour Theme feature, the (Source & F6) Palette stack from STH is required. A 50% off voucher code for the Palette stack has been provided by STH and the voucher code is included with the project download.

The layouts are fast and achieve 100% in Google Lighthouse / PageSpeed Insights for both Mobile & Desktop.

Selecting the High Contrast mode achieves a 100% Accessibility Lighthouse result.

Freelance Creative Web Design in Wales