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Webdeersign hand crafts unique pre built SOURCE Templates & Projects to use with Stacks for RapidWeaver, to enable web builders to quickly create stunning and professional looking, fast as lightning, certified snappy, responsive websites.
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
Webdeersign pre made Stacks projects look great on all devices
Webdeersign pre made Stacks projects look great on all devices
Webdeersign pre made Stacks projects look great on all devices
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Created with way too much attention to detail, our Projects enable RapidWeaver users to concentrate on the content, and not get bogged down in the design and mechanics of building a website, using RapidWeaver + Stacks as your website builder. Since 2016 we have created and nurtured over 30 Projects & Templates and developed 25 stacks, so it is fair to say that we understand our craft.

Using our ready to go RapidWeaver Projects and Templates, web builders can begin immediately, with a fully configured and tested website, ready for you to tweak and add your own text and images. Alternatively, you can just copy and paste our proven template layouts into your own Rapidweaver project files, to get up and running quickly. Avoid the blank page design syndrome and explore our Projects now to kick start your next website.

WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
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Webdeersign Projects are RapidWeaver Stacks templates, aimed at anyone from professional web designers and web builders to creative design agencies, to keen RapidWeaver Stacks users. Note that the Projects require SOURCE and Stacks. Individual requirements and features may vary so check details for the full details. These are complete RW Projects that are ready to go live or you can use them to cherry pick the parts you want, to paste into your own designs. In addition we are here to provide support if you need it.
  • RapidWeaver SOURCE Projects pre built using Stacks
  • Use as stand-alone websites or cherry pick the layouts you want to tweak and customise
  • Convenience - All images, icons, backgrounds, etc., packaged as a remote image ready folder
  • Documentation - Help and notes embedded within the Project files
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
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Webdeersign is a forward thinking, professional web design creative agency based in Wales, offering consultancy, bespoke work, design refresh, creation of new websites, or updates to existing sites. If you are looking for a genuinely creative web design, then look no further. We work hard to make sure your website stands out in a market full of generic websites. property portal to viewing management.
  • Estate / Letting Agency - Complete Wordpress CRM website systems for the UK market - from property portal to viewing management.
  • Holiday Home rental website systems, client upload, management through to booking & payment
  • Small Business / Restaurant, Takeaway online shopping & order systems
  • We undertake website design worldwide, under the strictest confidence and usually under NDA.
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
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WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects

Are you a RapidWeaver Stacks user frustrated that you cannot achieve a 100% score in Google's Lighthouse PageSpeed Insights? Maybe you are close, but can't reach the elusive 100% result.

  • We undertake website design worldwide, under the strictest confidence and usually under NDA.
  • Need help figuring out how to improve your site?
  • Image optimisation and delivery of all images as both jpg & png images and also as webP images.
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
RapidWeaver Web Site Builder with Stacks
RapidWeaver Web Site Builder with Stacks
RapidWeaver Web Site Builder with Stacks
RapidWeaver Web Site Builder with Stacks
RapidWeaver Web Site Builder with Stacks
Webdeersign RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
WEBDEERSIGN RapidWeaver Stacks Projects
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If you need help please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Read the README file in the Project download
  • Checked you are NOT running any Beta versions.
  • Checked that you have correctly installed every single stack required.
  • Check that you have checked RW and Stacks for updates and installed them
  • Restarted RW after any updates of stacks installs
  • Opened your project, Previewed in Safari in a new Private window to see the latest version and not a cached version of your site.

If you get a message saying you have a missing stack, then you have not installed the required stack detailed in the README file.

If the Zipped download file does not Unzip / Uncompress in your specific MacOS system, then use a 3rd party free App such as Stuffit, Winzip, etc.. This is because the MacOS Uncompress App can be problematic.

IMPORTANT - Please note that beta versions of MacOS, RapidWeaver or Stacks are not supported

Feel free to ask questions on the RW4ALL forum or just email us for a quick response.

RapidWeaver Project Requirements

Minimum requirements are Rapidweaver 7 or 8 or Classic and Stacks4 or 5, and you will need SOURCE.

IMPORTANT - It is VITAL to check individual Project requirements.

For maximum compatibility, the Projects and Templates were delivered as rw7 project files than can be read into RapidWeaver 8. In 2022 we started delivering new projects as rw8 project files which can be read into Rapidweaver Classic. All images, icons and local fonts are also included.

Various (BWD) free stacks are required in a couple of Projects and these are detailed in the Product descriptions. Although these BWD stacks are free to download, Andrew at BWD would appreciate a donation via his "Buy me a coffee" system. Although Andrew doesn't charge for his amazing stacks he has high overheads just to support what he does so well, so please do the right thing.

Stacks Requirements

Stacks 5

Currently Projects are delivered using Stacks4 v4.2.5 for maximum adoption across Stacks 4 & 5 users. Stacks 5 will open Stacks 4 Project files. The Projects are fully compatible with Stacks 5 and since Stacks was released are built using Stacks5. Whether you use RW8 or RW Classic, this makes no difference.


Our Projects will be fully compatible with the soon to be released StacksPro App.

Are the Projects right for you?

The Projects are ideal for:

Experienced RapidWeaver Stacks Users

Experienced RapidWeaver Stacks users looking for layout and design inspiration and fast access to a completed website. Just cherry pick the layouts you want from our templates, and you will save many hours of layout development and testing.

We offer a full discreet RadidWeaver Consultancy service. If you need issues solved or want to take your site to the next level, just get in touch to see how wev can work with you.

Design Agencies, Creatives and Professional Web Designers

Design Agencies, Creatives and Professional Web Designers with Stacks experience looking to increase their productivity to deliver the highest design quality to clients in the shortest time. The Projects can act as a library of plug and play layouts and designs.

New RapidWeaver Stacks Users

New RapidWeaver Stacks users looking to move away from themes and willing to learn the secrets of building with a "do what ever you want" framework instead of a fixed layout theme. You will however, need to invest some time learning how to use Stacks.

New to RapidWeaver and Stacks?

There is a learning curve and our advice would definitely be to use SOURCE as your framework, for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that you only need to learn how to use a handful of stacks to do almost everything. A good place to start would be either with one of our FREE SOURCE Projects or the SOURCE RapidWeaver Academy and use them to learn how to put together a great looking website. Source projects are the easiest to work with because of their simplicity and also the unique stack labelling and Note feature built into Source.

Source is the first choice for developers and creatives as well as those learning to jump into RapidWeaver for the first time.


The SOURCE Teamplates require the free SOURCE and most also require the ADDON Pack - see individual project requirements.

SOURCE was released in Autumn 2019 and became a game changer for RapidWeaver with Stacks. SOURCE introduced a speed in edit and preview mode that had never been experienced before and gave RapidWeaver a new lease of life. It has the most powerful layout system (CSS Grid) available using stacks, and is essentially all done with just a handful of stacks. With SOURCE we can now build any layout we want, in the easiest way possible in RapidWeaver, and these SOURCE sites will be simpler to fine tune and debug, because of the clever way it has been implemented.

Source has evolved constantly and more and more unique features have been added. For example, Source projects are easier to follow and understand due to the unique way that labeling and adding notes is built into Source.

In 2021 the Source Workbook was released to provide the very best written help available for RW users.

The Source Workbook

Ease of use

The Webdeersign SOURCE based Projects are by far the easiest of our Projects to learn and use.

This site was built entirely using SOURCE and includes many layouts that would not be possible to build using RapidWeaver with any other framework, without resorting to writing code.


Foundry was released over 6 years ago, so the Foundry 1 & 2 projects have now been retired. Foundry 3 is not compatible with Foundry 1 or 2 Projects.


Foundation was released over 7 years ago, so the Foundation projects have now been retired.


The Templates were created to allow RapidWeaver Stacks users to build powerful websites without having to go to the expense of buying into a "Framework" and additional stacks, costing $100's. The Template low cost solution, was perfect for enabling charities, small organisations and individuals. However, since the free SOURCE was released, using SOURCE has become a significantly better solution and it was a good time to retire the Templates.

Retired Projects

The first Webdeersign Projects were good solutions when released, but as time has marched forward, there are now better and easier ways to build these type of layouts using SOURCE without the need for additional stacks.

Retired PADDY stacks

The PADDYstacks were created to fill the need to allow better layouts to be created that were not possible using Foundry or Foundation. Again, today, these layouts can now be built using SOURCE without the need for additional stacks, and have been retired.

NOTE - Existing customers
Existing customers of retired Templates, PADDY stacks or Projects, can always log in to their PADDLE account and re-download their purchases.

Updates for Projects

Existing customers of Projects including retired Templates & PADDY stacks, can always log into their PADDLE account below and re-download their purchases. The downloaded version will always be the latest version.


The price you see, is the price you pay in US Dollars.

If you are in the EU or other country that requires an additional tax, the correct VAT or tax will be paid to your country of origin, by Paddle who deduct this from what you pay, and then pay the VAT to your country every 3 months. We receive the purchase price less the tax paid and of course an additional fee to handle this, plus an additional per transaction fee and also a monthly fee is also charged to us.

Note - this is why we use Paddle, and while they are not perfect, they look after the important payment of VAT.

This website was created using RapidWeaver with Stacks, entirely using SOURCE stacks with layouts and elements taken from various Webdeersign SOURCE Projects. Parts of the SOURCE Projects have been selected and then cut and pasted into this site, and the colours and text adjusted for this site. This is the beauty of the Project approach, in that you can cherry pick what you want and then paste these pre built layouts, into your designs.

The Projects and Retired Projects pages, both use Poster2 from inStacks with the exact Poster2 configuration from the SOURCE Project24, to display, what is essentially, a complex product display system that loads super quickly on any device. The system scales easily, effectively without a number of products limit and as new Projects are created, these are easy to add and modify. BTW Poster takes care of the SEO Meta tags and produces "tidy" URLs to each Project "page". What you see on the Projects and Retired Projects pages is all SOURCE but the text and images is all fed by Poster2 which creates a unique page for each Project.

Many of the positioning techniques used in Projects 25, Projects 21 & also Project 20 were used, such as the main winged logo and laurel leaves positioned around the MacAir image. Also the navigation detailed in the free SOURCE Halloween Project is used for the navigation on this site using the simple to use SOURCE Navigation stack.

The Mailchimp sign-up form in the footer, is just the Mailchimp Classic form HTML code available to download pre-configured and free, pasted into a Source Coder stack and styled to match the site design and the Source buttons are used for the Paddle Buy buttons.

The quote slider used is the STH Splider stack, although this can be built with just SOURCE stacks as shown in this SOURCE Splider Tutorial. We also sneaked in the super lightweight FAQ Toggle Accordian stack included with Projects 25.

One single variable font is used throughout for both normal and italic weights from 100 to 900.

New for 2022, starting with this home page, is the use of webP images with a png & jpg fallback for browsers that don't support webP.

This site is also used as a live test bed for future ideas and layouts, so if something looks out of place, just refresh your browser cache or open in a new Private window to see the latest version.

If there is anything you would like us to consider for future Projects, we would love to hear your ideas. Just contact us below.